My progress so far... ✍️

This side-project was stemmed from wanting to improve & learn more about Philippine branding, type design & website design. For the type design project, I was able to break it down into 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Research & exploration
Phase 2
- Lettering & Type Design Execution
Phase 3
- Finalization & Application

For Phase 1-2, I tried to erase everything I knew about type and went back to the fundamentals. I researched everything I needed to know from type history, typography terms all the way to best practices in creating your own typeface. As I researched for inspiration I stumbled upon old Philippine bank notes and beautiful cigar packaging from mid 1940s - 1960s from Pinoy Kollector website which later became my main inspiration.

With all research and exploration done, I created the first letters for the wordmark "KOKO". These first letter will be my starting point in further expanding them into a full alphabet. The goal for this type project is to make it feel premium that speaks heritage and Filipino.

Watch out for my next post on how I was able to further expand "Koko" into a custom-typeface named — Tropikal Display 👐