Tropikal: A Serif Display Typeface [FREE]

Type Design
August 30, 2020

Tropikal typeface came from the curiosity of what old Philippine type would look like in today’s modern landscape. Tropikal is a modern rendition of an old style serif typeface inspired from the nineteenth-century Philippine bank notes, newspapers and packaging designs...

Tropikal Sketch: A Filipino-inspired Typeface

Type Design
July 10, 2020

‍A quick update... From the initial Koko logo sketch & further exploration of type, I was able to expand it into a custom-typeface I named "Tropikal Display". Tropikal is a serif display typeface inspired by the old typefaces from Philippine bank notes and cigar packaging where their defining quirks are sharp edges and high contrast between thick-thin stokes...

KOKO Lambanog Logo #WIP

Design Blog
July 8, 2020

This side-project was stemmed from wanting to improve & learn more about Philippine branding, type design & website design. For the type design project, I was able to break it down into 3 phases...

Pukaw Coffee - Inspiration to Execution

Identity Design
June 29, 2019

"Púkaw" pronounced as PÚ.KAW, means awake or kindle in Bisaya. ☀️ Púkaw Coffee is a specialty coffee brewery in Manila, Philippines. Apart from offering homegrown coffee, Púkaw is also helping local coffee farmers and LGUs support and promote the countries thriving coffee industry...

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