"Púkaw" pronounced as PÚ.KAW, means awake or kindle in Bisaya. ☀️ Púkaw Coffee is a specialty coffee brewery in Manila, Philippines. Apart from offering homegrown coffee, Púkaw is also helping local coffee farmers and LGUs support and promote the countries thriving coffee industry. ☕

Since all of Púkaw's coffee is locally sourced and bought directly from different provinces in the Philippines, the key cultural feature in the identity design is inspired from the indigenous tribes of the Philippines. The different colored patterns are used to differentiate cold brew flavors and can also provide a Filipino aesthetic unique to the brand.

Extending the brand's handcrafted feel, we introduced a flexible sticker design template that can be used for various coffee origins. You can stamp coffee origins and can even encircle the client's preferred roast for a personal touch. 😉✍️

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