Púkaw Coffee

Púkaw Coffee is a specialty coffee brewery in Manila who supplies high-quality 100% Arabica beans to homes and businesses. Founded on the tenet of sharing great homegrown coffee, Púkaw works with local farmers and LGUs to support and promote the country's thriving coffee industry.

Having been in business since 2018, Pukaw felt that their current packaging and visual identity does not communicate with their new brand positioning goals. In addition, they needed to find a way to stand out in the ever growing competition in the coffee market. For this reason, we collaborated with Pukaw Coffee and helped them bring a new visual perspective to their brand.

As Pukaw uses locally sourced coffee beans, we found it best to take inspiration from different indigenous tribes in the Philippines. We took inspiration from their bright festive colors, beautiful garment patterns and woven them into the brand's visual identity. The colored patterns can also be used in distinguishing different cold brew flavors and can be also used practically as a cap seal.

Expanding the brand's hand crafted feel, we decided to use stamps and markers for the Coffee pouch design where Pukaw can write the details of their customer's chosen coffee origin, a little something new coffee lovers and coffee snobs would definitely love. By putting them all together we hope to visually reintroduce Pukaw Coffee, visually aiding them in sharing the taste of homegrown coffee in the Philippines and to the rest of the world.

Pukaw Coffee

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